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Original Release: 10/28/2019

Email Newsletter Debuts - Charles F. Brush Alumni Association
Norm Rogozin

By: Norm Rogozin '63, President
Charles F. Brush Alumni Association

Welcome to the Charles F. Brush Alumni Association email newsletter. In it you will find information about our ongoing projects and events and a feature article. Additional pages with feature articles and photographs are included in our print newsletter. To receive the print newsletter, join the Brush Alumni Association by going to our landing page at Your contribution is tax deductible.

We are seeking a new editor for the Alumni Arclite. Nancy Brown has edited the newsletter since 2015. She has made major changes in both the format and the content. Nancy moved the newsletter to full-color, included more photographs, and centered more of the content on individual accomplishments and interests of alumni. To learn about the position of editor, send an email to Nancy at ✉.

Your dues and contributions make it possible for the Brush Alumni Association to function. You are keeping the connection between Brush High School and its graduates alive and strong.

Thank you.

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