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The Chowder Society

Original Release: 10/28/2019

The Chowder Society - Charles F. Brush Alumni Association
Some members of the Chowder Society at a recent dinner: left to right: Norm Rogozin, Don Crozier, Mark Zeleznik. Back Row: Larry Cirillo, Bob Vencl, and Rolan Harvey. Photographed by Don Mastrobuono.

The Chowder Society began in 1973 with a small group of Memorial Junior High teachers who met for dinner one Friday a month.

Among the original members were Chris Welsh, Al Taylor, Rolan Harvey, George Schuster, and Don Mastrobuono.

In time, members of the group took their talent to Brush High and new members were added. Larry Cirillo, who had been a teacher at Memorial before becoming an administrator there, is also a member of the Chowder Society Dinner conversations covered both the outrageous and the hilarious events at school, families, movies, vacations, and politics.

Over a period of more than forty-five years, the members have marked the changes in each other's lives.

For many years the late Al Taylor coordinated the group.

Now Rolan Harvey reminds the members of upcoming dinners by email or phone.

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