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SEL Snapshot - 2020

Original Release: 12/14/2020

Deb DiLillo Betz '76, Editor, Brush Alumni Association Email Newsletter By: Deb DiLillo Betz '76, Editor, Brush Alumni Association Email Newsletter
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This past spring, despite COVID-19 causing jobs and wages to be lost, the residents of our community proved that they value public education and support our schools by passing a 6.9-mil levy - 5.9 mils of which is to be used for general operations and 1 mil for permanent improvements within the district's buildings. The levy passed by a margin of 59% FOR to 41% AGAINST.

The success was due partially to the fiscally responsible management of resources since the passing of the last levy, over seven years ago. Due to the method of public education financing in Ohio, districts typically return to the voters every third or fourth year. "The community understood the continued value of how a strong, successful and well-funded school district keeps a community strong," Superintendent Linda N. Reid said in a written statement.

Lyndhurst Mayor Patrick Ward was a big levy supporter. "The superintendent, the board members, all of us are relieved." Ward said of the levy's passage. "I think they made a good case for the need, and the voters responded to that. Our schools operate efficiently," he said. "We have confidence in our board and our superintendent's leadership. We have a good communication between us, which is extremely helpful. And the students who are graduating from our system, I think we're seeing a real good product, and I think that was well communicated to the community and they supported it."

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