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A Facelift For Brush

Original Release: 12/14/2020

Sally Shortle Miller '71, Editor, Brush Alumni Association Alumni Arc-Lite Newsletter By: Sally Shortle Miller '71, Editor, Brush Alumni Association Alumni Arc-Lite Newsletter
Charles F. Brush Alumni Association

A collage of Brush renovation photos.

This year Brush High School has undergone a massive renovation. The changes have affected the entire first floor.

The old gym (Girls gym) on the east side of the building has been totally changed and will now be locker rooms for the football and other teams. There will be home and away locker rooms, having access to the football field.

One of the most noticeable changes is the roof line of the old building. The roof on the old gym has been raised and a multiple purpose room built above the new locker rooms. The multi purpose room will be used for large group meetings and testing.

Another major change in the building is the front hallway and front entrance.

Gone is the tile rendition of Arcy. The front hall has been totally redone. The front entrance to the building is also new. A large awning and new doors welcome students, staff and the public.

Upon entering the building, the hallway has been updated and to the left is the new coffee cafe. The students will be able to grab a hot beverage before class.

The cafeteria has been completely redone. The students will have more of an open concept when purchasing their food. The food will be ala carte rather than served in cafeteria lines. The commons area has also had a major renovation. There will be seating for football games and vending machines.

The library is the last room that is seeing significant changes and updates. The library is now accessible to all. It contains a performing platform that will be used for classes and or anyone who needs a raised stage area. The library has gone from the books that we all remember to a media center for the needs of today. There will be a computer repair room to keep the students' Chromebooks in good working order.

Brush is continuing in the forefront of education. All the new changes will make the opportunities for the students endless.

If you have a moment, take a drive by and see the new face of Brush.

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