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Dale Inkley '44 Reminisces

Original Release: 4/25/2022

Dale Inkley. Class of 1944.

In 1944, one hundred thirteen students graduated from Brush High School. The graduation ceremony was much like that of 2021: the processional, student speeches and the awarding of diplomas. One big difference was that six graduates were already serving in the military, with more to go after graduation.

In the fall of 2021, Mr. Dale Inkley, Class of '44, returned to Brush. It was not his first return. All four of his chil-dren are Brush graduates. He had stories to tell of his time at Brush. Just as with the graduation ceremony, as much as it has changed, it has stayed the same.

The first story Mr. Inkley told was how all of the students lined up each morning at the "Boy" and "Girl" doors at the front of the building. The stone on the front of Brush above the doors still has the impression of a boy on one old door and a girl above the other. Upon entering, they reported to their homeroom.

Mr. Inkley said the front hallway was much the same. In 1944, Brush went from the performing arts center (auditorium) to the east gym. The offices were at the front, where they are now. He could remember and name each person's office. He said that he never understood how the Board of Education had a whole room that seemed to never be used. That room was the office across from the east gym.

The East Gym is where they had physical education classes. He reminisced about the locker rooms and pointed out the old clinic. The inside parking lot (The Well) was much the same as he remembered it. He chuckled as he told the story about one of his classmates falling into the rubbish chute. When we entered the new cafeteria, he com-mented on the biggest changes. From the third floor where students were served through a window, to the new caf-eteria with small tables and large windows to the outside.

Mr. Inkley also told the story about the cornice that was near the auditorium. One day he decided that he would jump up and see if he could touch it. He said that he was so scared because the whole thing fell down.

The best part of visiting Brush with Mr. Inkley was Mr. Inkley's interaction with two current students. He walked up to them and started telling them his memories. He told stories of losing friends as they went to war and he talked about his time in the halls of Brush. The students listened with disbelief. They were shocked that this would have happened.

Mr. Dale Inkley has lived in Lyndhurst his entire life and still resides there.

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