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Local Alumni Business Spotlight
Rocco & Associates Construction

Original Release: 4/25/2022

Deb DiLillo Betz '76, Editor, Brush Alumni Association Email Newsletter By: Deb DiLillo Betz '76, Editor, Brush Alumni Association Email Newsletter
Charles F. Brush Alumni Association

Pete Vaughn '63, Brush Alumni Association By: Pete Vaughn '63, Brush Alumni Association
Charles F. Brush Alumni Association

Local Alumni Business Spotlight. Rocco & Associates Construction.

Brush Pavers Gleam Once Again thanks to Rocco & Associates Construction

Due to the restrictions placed upon us by COVID 19 and the major construction projects at Brush last year, we fell short guiding this important, essential alumni program.

The Alumni Association recently contracted Rocco DiLillo, Class of '78, and owner of Rocco & Associates Con-struction, to install several new pavers for 2020-2021 and clean all existing pavers. Rocco and Associates is a South Euclid based business that has essentially been operating since the mid 1900's. Rocco graduated from Brush in '78, his sister in '76, their father in '51 and all five of their children received their diplomas from Brush High School between 2004 and 2008.

As far back as elementary school, Rocco started working for his father on Saturdays. At the time the company, located in South Euclid, was known as Rocco DiLillo and Sons Cement Contractors. Originating in the mid 1900's, owned by his grandfather, and subsequently his father and uncle (Frank and Mike), R. DiLillo and Sons grew to become one of the premier cement contractors in the City of Cleveland and surrounding suburbs. Upon graduating from Brush, Rocco left for college. After two years, knowing what he wanted to do, he left academia and joined R. DiLillo and Sons full time. For the next several decades, Rocco learned the business and honed his skills. Upon the passing of Frank (1997) and Mike (2003), Rocco and his wife, Ruthann, started a new company. Today, Rocco & Associates Construction continues to thrive and serves both residential and corporate clients throughout Cuyahoga County.

Brush pavers tell lots of stories of the many students and staff members that walked the halls of this wonderful school. Like life, some pavers reflect the joys of youth and fun times. Others hold a high degree of remembrance and loss. But most simply state: "Here I am, I'm a proud Brush ARC! Remember me!" To purchase a paver as a gift or as an "in memoriam tribute", please see our order form.

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